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I worked with different prototype variations for ECO Studio Palette for over a year, changing the technology, mechanics of opening and closing, and fine-tuning smaller details. As a result, I have got the product I am personally satisfied and elated to work with. With great pleasure, I use ECO Studio Palette in my own studio. There are a few things that, for me, make a great difference in this palette as compared to similar products on the market.

First, working on watercolor with high quality paper and paint while holding a cheap plastic palette feels like wearing a fake leather coat – yes, maybe it is quite okay, yet so far away from the genuine, real quality product. This, on the other hand, is a genuine high-quality palette made from bamboo, ecological and 100% recyclable material. The pleasure of holding ECO-Palette in your hands is not at all comparable with grabbing the plastic alternative.

Twelve colors that this palette contains is an ideal set. In my opinion, it covers all the possible color mixing options you might need while working on your project. Besides, as you can see, large pans ideally suit the wide flat brushes I find indispensable in my work – SOLO Flat 5-Line and 7-Line brushes. You can easily get just as much pigment as you need without making other pigments dirty.

Six color-mixing areas might provide you with the opportunity to mix clear and rich light colors, green colors, blue colors all separately without turning everything into a big mass of dirt. Separation of mixing areas allows keeping all color mixes pure, clear, rich, and always ready to deploy.Also, the palette folds nicely with the help of the magnets, making it quite easy to transport, even though in principle I prefer working with this palette in my studio.Frankly speaking, I cannot say I’ve seen a better palette available for sale elsewhere. Hence why I had to create something that did not exist beforehand – an ideal palette. Here it is, in front of you. Enjoy!

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